Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tulsa Life:

We have been here in Tulsa Town for a little over a week now. It still feels like we are on vactation and I keep waiting to pack the car and drive back to Illinois. Doug is headed back up there for two weeks to take a class and bring the moving truck down. But I am here for good. Working a new job and living in a new place.


1. Driving to Taco Bueno and seeing Hanna friend walking to her car. She joined us for dinner and Doug ate 6 party burritos.

2. Sitting out on the back deck every evening. You can really hear the sounds of summer here.

3. Spending all of Memorial Day cleaning, orgainzing, rearranging, and transforming brother Greg's bedroom. He is going to have a wife soon, and we thought they might want a place to stay that did not have a Garfield poster on the wall that said "Whatever" and every piece of coke memoribilla ever made.

4. Playing with adorable neice and nephew Bailey and Caden.

5. Quick Trip 49 cents summer lemonade.

6. A new job that has 'jean day thursday' and no work on Fridays.


jasonandchrista said...

Now the only thing missing is "Hanging out with Christa and Jason" and then you'll be a true Tulsan! When can you come over?!? I miss you! (and that shouldn't be the case because you live like 20 minutes away...)
Love you!

Laur said...

You are making me wish I was in Tulsa too!

-Lauren McKeenamuzzle.

Katie said...

No work Fridays! Sounds like the best job ever. It sounds like things are off to a good start.

Beth said...

I want no work Fridays!!!

Sara said...

it was so good seeing you saturday! hope you settle in nicely to your new home!

Lauren said...

SO great to see you guys Saturday! Glad you are in t-town now, for some reason it just makes me feel better! :) Hope you guys like the neighborhood & that the dogs learn to keep quite at night. :)

I'm sure we'll see you soon!!

ErinLee said...

hey friend!is your number the same?? I got a call from Jenks... there is a possible interview in the works... Love you!

Molly said...

Oh it sounds wonderful! Illinois misses you already....:) Hope things continue to go well!

Katie said...

Jeans and No-Work Fridays made me giggle out loud. I know I'm not in the work force anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't remember the feeling of walking to the parking lot, in my jeans, knowing I'm not coming in the next day. And it's just a pretty fantastic feeling.