Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Doug had his last hard final for this semester this morning. (He still has one left, but it will be very easy). So we are going to celebrate tonight. I am going to make baked pasta with fresh mozzarella cheese and then we are going to watch The Biggest Loser finale. I think I am more excited about that than Doug is, but I asked him if he would watch it with me and he agreed.

I really want Mike to win tonight.


Team X said...

Em and I are so excited about the finale! We really want Mike to win, too, and we really don't want Tara to win. P.S. I'm so excited you guys are moving to Tulsa so we can see you next time we come in town (which is August).!

- chon

Katie said...

Baked pasta with fresh mozzarella sounds perfect! Enjoy!