Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still Waiting:

- Waiting to talk to the church in Kansas. We know now that the church in Wichita is for going to hire a Middle School Youth Pastor for sure. They want the person to start in July. We are waiting to find out what the next steps are to start the interviewing/application process.

- Waiting for my current job to come to a close. The last few weeks have been draining, and the next three and a half weeks look like they might be the same way.

- Waiting to tell the housing office if (or when) we will be moving. We have to give them an answer on May 1st.

- Waiting to find out the specifics on the job in Tulsa for me. (how many hours, pay, start date, etc)

- Waiting to know if we are going to be getting a Oklahoma or a Kansas drivers license. (or keep our current Illinois license)


Molly said...

I vote Kansas (but I AM a little partial....). :)

Jason: Husband, and Father of Two! said...