Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Packing Fun:

I love to pack with Doug Castle. We started the process the other night. We decided to pack up the winter clothes first. I would hold things up and ask him if we should keep it or get rid of it. I picked up this hat, and he insisted that we keep it. Just to prove that we should keep it, he has worn the hat the past three days. Just inside our apartment. Last night he told me he might be ready to take it into the world.

Then we started packing our everyday clothes. Doug is really great at assembling outfits. Take this one for example. The red hat (that makes him look like he has dreads), red flannel robe, and a bright puffer vest.

He told me he would wear this outfit if he had a rock band in the 90's. The red hat, open flannel, yellow thermal shirt, and navy blue Adidas break away pants. (Is that what they are called? You know the pants with snaps down the side that were cool in Middle School gym class)

Other favorite moment was when I picked up a pair of jeans and asked him if we should keep them. His response:
"Of course, those are my every-days".

p.s. thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement. you are all just so nice.

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jasonandchrista said...

I imagine packing with Doug would be fun. He can make anything fun!