Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends Come for a Visit : Part I

Five of our most favorite people in the world came to visit us this past weekend. We did so many fun things that I am not even really sure where to start. I might just tell you about it day by day.

Last night Doug and I talked about how it really felt like we were also on vacation, even though we live here. We did so much fun stuff, didn't work as much, enjoyed being with people that we knew well, and ate really really good food.

Our first day together, we ate at Panda Express downtown. We thought it was funny that the first thing they did in Chicago, they could have done back in Oklahoma. Here are Eric and Ashley. They are really cute together:

Then we went to the Art Institute. Here are Nathan and Teressa, they are very nice people. We all enjoyed the photography exhibit the best I think.

Our friend, Cal lives in Chicago. He met up with us and helped us get around the big city. It was fun to see him as well.

Rhett also came on the trip. We were so happy he was able to come. He thought he was really cool because he has shoes that are waterproof. To prove that he decided to walk around in the water at the park.

We had so much fun being with people we know and love. We walked and talked a lot. And took a lot of pictures.

We also played with the bean. It really is a lot of fun.

We ended the first day of our vacation at Teressa's brothers house. We played games. Girls vs. Boys. Girls won Cranium. Boys won in Catch Phrase. We also ate some really good food and we laughed a lot. Then we came back home and played Battle of the Sexes and ate cookies.


jasonandchrista said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'm so glad you guys got a vacation at home! You are blessed to have such wonderful friends!
Miss you,

Katie said...

I love when friends come to visit and you have vacations at home.

ErinLee said...

I am for sure jealous of this adventure!! Glad you got a little bit of "home" all the way over there!

Lots of love.