Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Packing Fun:

I love to pack with Doug Castle. We started the process the other night. We decided to pack up the winter clothes first. I would hold things up and ask him if we should keep it or get rid of it. I picked up this hat, and he insisted that we keep it. Just to prove that we should keep it, he has worn the hat the past three days. Just inside our apartment. Last night he told me he might be ready to take it into the world.

Then we started packing our everyday clothes. Doug is really great at assembling outfits. Take this one for example. The red hat (that makes him look like he has dreads), red flannel robe, and a bright puffer vest.

He told me he would wear this outfit if he had a rock band in the 90's. The red hat, open flannel, yellow thermal shirt, and navy blue Adidas break away pants. (Is that what they are called? You know the pants with snaps down the side that were cool in Middle School gym class)

Other favorite moment was when I picked up a pair of jeans and asked him if we should keep them. His response:
"Of course, those are my every-days".

p.s. thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement. you are all just so nice.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Today was a big day for the little Castle family.

I told my boss that my last day of work will be May 18th.

We told the housing office that we will be moved out of our current apartment on June 15th.

We started packing our belongings so we can bring some down with us when we go to Tulsa this weekend.

I officially accepted the administrative assistant to the director of preschool and elementary ministries at the Church at Battle Creek in Broken Arrow, OK.

We will need to get some new Oklahoma driver's licenses.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another list:

Last night our evening consisted of:
- A frozen supreme pizza
- Black yoga pants and green comfy pants
- Eating our pizza on the couch while watching funny shows
- A two hour long scrabble game. It was a very slow paced game with lots of pondering. We were not in any hurry. Doug beat me by more than 150 points. I am really not a competitive person, so it really did not bother me. The highest scoring word was sugars.
- Three glasses of ice-tea
- Early bed time
- Flipping between Parks and Recreation, The Office, and 30 Rock and the Bulls play-off game
- Sitting on our red couch
- Three chocolate cookies and one glass of milk

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Still Waiting:

- Waiting to talk to the church in Kansas. We know now that the church in Wichita is for going to hire a Middle School Youth Pastor for sure. They want the person to start in July. We are waiting to find out what the next steps are to start the interviewing/application process.

- Waiting for my current job to come to a close. The last few weeks have been draining, and the next three and a half weeks look like they might be the same way.

- Waiting to tell the housing office if (or when) we will be moving. We have to give them an answer on May 1st.

- Waiting to find out the specifics on the job in Tulsa for me. (how many hours, pay, start date, etc)

- Waiting to know if we are going to be getting a Oklahoma or a Kansas drivers license. (or keep our current Illinois license)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Visit from Mom:

Mom was here for the past few days. It is always nice having a mom around.

Together We:
1. made cinnamon rolls
2. played Sequence
3. went out to pizza. (after Doug guessed exactly where she would want to eat dinner)
4. walked around Trinity and saw old friends.
5. shared a salad and a sandwich for lunch.
6. cuddled together on the couch each morning.
7. ate dinner in the kitchen at Bucca Di Beppo.
8. talked. and talked. and talked.
9. shared perfume.
10. drank coffee and ate tiramisu

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friends Come for a Visit: Part II

We decided we should wake up early and head down to the city on Saturday so we could have a lot of time to see the sights. We did not exactly leave early. We caught the 12:23 train. Here we are on the train down to the city.

We ate dinner at one of the most warm and cozy places I have ever eaten. It also might have felt like that since we had walked 4 miles in the cold.

We got to see Old Town, and we did not even try to see it. We stumbled upon it.
Boys love basketball.

The boys let us go into the American Girl Doll store. We had some good laughs. Here is Doug with Molly, the doll his sister Jeanette had growing up.

We were thankful anytime the sun would peak out.

Couple friends.

And we had pizza for lunch. You just have to have pizza when you are in Chicago. I think we consumed about five pounds of cheese each. But I think we walked it all off by the end of the day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Friends Come for a Visit : Part I

Five of our most favorite people in the world came to visit us this past weekend. We did so many fun things that I am not even really sure where to start. I might just tell you about it day by day.

Last night Doug and I talked about how it really felt like we were also on vacation, even though we live here. We did so much fun stuff, didn't work as much, enjoyed being with people that we knew well, and ate really really good food.

Our first day together, we ate at Panda Express downtown. We thought it was funny that the first thing they did in Chicago, they could have done back in Oklahoma. Here are Eric and Ashley. They are really cute together:

Then we went to the Art Institute. Here are Nathan and Teressa, they are very nice people. We all enjoyed the photography exhibit the best I think.

Our friend, Cal lives in Chicago. He met up with us and helped us get around the big city. It was fun to see him as well.

Rhett also came on the trip. We were so happy he was able to come. He thought he was really cool because he has shoes that are waterproof. To prove that he decided to walk around in the water at the park.

We had so much fun being with people we know and love. We walked and talked a lot. And took a lot of pictures.

We also played with the bean. It really is a lot of fun.

We ended the first day of our vacation at Teressa's brothers house. We played games. Girls vs. Boys. Girls won Cranium. Boys won in Catch Phrase. We also ate some really good food and we laughed a lot. Then we came back home and played Battle of the Sexes and ate cookies.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Freezer Chocolate Chips and Long Days:

Work has been really hard and long the past two days. Those days where it feels like things are going non-stop. And the type of days where you leave with a headache just from concentrating far too long on a computer screen. It has been a long two days.

So, tonight I am sitting on the couch eating frozen chocolate chips and watching two hours of the Biggest Loser. I am also waiting for husband to get home from class. Once he gets home we can sit on the couch together. And just be together. I know that will help a lot of things.

Friday, April 3, 2009

This Week We:

1. Walked around the mall and then we walked around Crate and Barrel. And then Doug took me to get a Starbucks treat. It was a nice date.
2. I worked in the Clotheshorse. (The clotheshorse is like a free thrift store on campus for the seminary students). I folded clothes, swept the floors, and bagged stuff up.
3. At work we are trying to get rid of some old stamps. So I sat at my desk sticking two stamps on every envelope for a very very long time. Just to be told that there are still hundreds of stamps that need to be used.
4. I made crunchy oatmeal cookies with white chocolate.
5. Bought a bouquet of daffodils.
6. Woke up to a few inches of snow. In March.
7. Played kickball with the youth group. (I made my first catch and got someone out.)
8. Studied and read and went to class and worked.
9. Took naps on two different days during my lunch break.
10. This morning I prayed a short prayer just asking God to continue to take care of our physical needs. You know like rent and food. Well, we went to check the mail and we found an anonymous envelope. Inside was a short verse and poem and a crisp hundred dollar bill. I teared up as I walked back to work thinking of how good God is and how silly I am to worry and doubt. When I got back to work I slipped the bill into the money envelope marked food.