Monday, March 9, 2009

Rainy Weekend:

We had a very rainy weekend. We stayed inside unless we absolutely had to go out. Doug had to go to work on Saturday morning, I ran down to the grocery store to pick a rotisserie chicken for a recipie, and we went to church on Sunday.

Other than that we were at home. Eating real meals for the first time in a while. I made two new things this weekend. Pot Sticker Pad Thai and Quesadilla Pie. They were both really easy and really yummy.

We also decided to watch movies that were made in the ninety's that were free on our on demand. The Problem Child was the best. Have you seen this movie?

Oh my goodness. We laughed for a long time.

Doug, the sweetheart, cleaned the whole apartment on Friday afternoon. He even did the laundry. So, I did not even have my regular cleaning to do. I just rewarded him with some real meals and lots of couch cuddles. And, I cleaned up the dishes and rested.


Katie said...

I think you sent the rain over my way.

ErinLee said...

i think your blog is way fun!

I miss your face so much!

Will I ever get to see you again??

Love, Love, Love