Sunday, March 15, 2009


I was told on Friday that they have eliminated my position at work. I have two more weeks of work.

- We ate frozen pizza for two back to back meals this weekend.
- In my terminations paper, my name was misspelled throughout the entire document.
- We are not worried, just frustrated.
- The solution to this problem is much more complicated then me just finding another job.
- We have laughed a lot this weekend about things I should do in my last two weeks of work there.
- We are surrounded by lots of wonderful family and friends.
- The possibilities are endless now.
- We might move to Tulsa, we might stay here, we might start a bakery, we might hike all the mountains in Montana, we might live with Jeanette in her sweet new crib, we might try to be permanent counselors at New Life Ranch. (See the possibilities really are endless)
- There are toffee chocolate cookies in the oven baking right now.
- Doug will still be working on his Masters of Divinity. Somewhere, somehow.
- We both took a nice long nap today.


The Barreness said...

sorry to hear that, but I am glad you have endless possibilities! I will be praying that you find discernment in your decisions, and that God will make your path clear over the next few weeks!

Steve said...

You could also just move back to Norman. You know, Stephen Jordan took over the old Castle-half of the Toberman estate, but Danae, you've slept on the fold out couch. It was great, right? If you ignored the corner falling in and the giant metal bar jutting out of another spot...

Just think about it.

Katie said...

My vote is open a bakery!

PS: I will pray for guidance and peace.

Lauren said...

I vote for the bakery as well. And I probably am going to need the recipe for those cookies.
I hope whatever is next is incredibly fulfilling! Love you guys.
(you could move to Siloam!! and buy our house!! ;)

Ben and Jaime said...

I vote for move to Louisville and go to SBTS! Live in our apartment complex and Ben and Doug can carpool if he takes classes on Tues, Wed, Thurs. YAY. It will totally work and our aparments and nice but don't cost as much as some.
(you guys are in our prayers)

Beth said...

My vote is that you start a bakery in Siloam & the permanent counselor @ NLR thing. We'd take you back in a heartbeat. :)

praying for you....

ErinLee said...

I say open a bakery and let me come work for you!!

I will be praying friends.

Trish said...

Definitely the bakery. Check this out...

It will inspire you!

Molly said...

Hey lady. So sorry to hear about your job...:(

I vote bakery as well. But down here in the city. I'll come and buy something every morning before I go to work...and by this summer, I could sweep floors for you!

Uh- I know I say this all the time. But we all should seriously get together. :)

Chelsea Cady said...

your optimism has always encouraged me.
i'm praying that God gives you both wisdom
through this!