Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Super Super Birthday Bowl

The Super Bowl was one day before Doug's Birthday. So we celebrated a day early and had some friends over to watch the game and celebrate Doug. Most of the time we try to eat pretty healthy. Doug has accused me of eating too much spinach and he jokes about 'super foods'. But for a birthday and for our four other males that were coming over I figured it was not the time to whip up flax seed yogurt with blueberries. So we ate and ate and ate and ate...not one super food.

I also got almost every recipe from The Pioneer Woman. She has great food recipes, even though most of them include sticks of butter, bacon, and heavy cream. So, we use these for special occasions around our home. And I think a birthday and a Super Bowl qualify for a special occasion.

I made these. Bacon wrapped jalapeƱos stuffed with cream cheese.

Then I made this. Cheese dip with hot sausage. And, yes we do have half a crock pot full in the bottom of our refrigerator.

And the main course. Wings. Doug's favorite food, so of course it had to be at the party.

For the fourth quarter we had chocolate chip cookies. And, I am really not sure how I have gone this long without sharing this recipe. It was plastered all over blogs for a while, so many of you might have already seen it. But it is now the only chocolate chip cookie recipe I will ever use. I thought about making a fancy birthday cake for Doug, but I knew that he would be just as or maybe even more excited if I made these cookies.

We were all too stuffed to take pictures. But you should just know that our little apartment was full of five very happy men. And on Doug's birthday I was so exhausted from all the cooking and cleaning we went out to dinner and then we spent the evening reading on the couch together.


jasonandchrista said...

Wow! What a good little wife you are! Just make sure Jason doesn't read this post. I haven't served a super food in a while, or even made any food that was super...

Love you!

Bethany Keena said...

I really want to try the Jalenpeno delights before February 25th...

Katie said...

That cheese dip looks delicious. I will have to throw a Mexican fiesta just for an excuse to make it!