Friday, February 20, 2009

Music We Love: M.Ward

The first time I heard M.Ward I was on the ball field at New Life Ranch. Ben Beswick and Jeff Wood were the Summer Activity Leaders that summer and they got to pick what music we played all the ridiculous camp games to. For the first six or seven weeks we had listened to Relinet K over and over and over again. So, by week eight we were all ready for a change.

M.Ward was that change. And, if you know anything about playing games on the ball field at NLR you might understand how entertaining it is that M.Ward was what we played Big Friz to that week.

He has been one of my favorites since that time. He has a really great voice and his lyrics are beautiful.

Doug, Hanna, and I traveled to Dallas, TX to go to one of his shows. We met up with Ben and Jaime and had a really wonderful time. We stood so close we could have touched him, and I also remember that he was wearing very nice shoes.

M.Ward just released a new album, Hold Time. Our copy is currently in the mail being shipped to us.


Molly said...

Hey there! I love M. Ward too! Saw him this summer in Chicago for the first time and he was SO good. Let me know how the cd turns out!

And I loved the V-Day gift-post. You two are too cute...:)

Ben and Jaime said...

Ben said that he (M.Ward) is coming your way? We should come up and re-live the dallas adventure.
Minus Hannah and Micky...unless they want to come too.
Oh and the album is fab. I love it. I put the LP on hold and Ben went to pick it up for me on the 17th. Love it!