Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This Past Week We:

1. Spent Sunday afternoon curled up in bed, watching the X-games, and reading our books.
2. I beat Doug for the first time in Skip-Bo
3. Doug played his guitar more than usual this past week.

4. I baked Banana Chocolate Cake for our potluck at church on Sunday.
5. I discovered the Health and Fitness section of our OnDemand TV service. So, I have been doing work-out videos each night. Doug, so lovingly took a picture.


jasonandchrista said...

You're so cute! It was great to talk to you last night. I love the health and wellness section of our ondemand. I've done a couple work out videos, I should probably start doing that again, I've been slacking for awhile, but now there's no excuses!
Love you and your cute little blog! It always makes me smile!

Bethany Keena said...

just now seeing this post...love the picture! You're such a cool sister! You power-sculpter-you!