Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold Weather

It has been so cold and snowy here lately that all we want to do is stay inside our little apartment. The cold weather has also brought many comfort food dishes to our table. I have made baked pasta, chocolate chip cookies, buffalo wings, chili, chicken and stuffing skillet, and lots of cheese bread. We eat our dinner in our comfy clothes (Doug's green pants and my black yoga pants) and then we like to watch a tv program together and then we usually end the night playing a game of skip-bo. I taught Doug how to play and now he beats me almost every time.

And work has been long, hard and busy for the past few weeks so going home at the end of the night is a wonderful thing.


Katie said...

I think we are living parallelish married lives. Minus the snow.

Bekah said...

Do you make homemade buffalo wings? Mind sharing the recipe?

jasonandchrista said...

Oh, that sounds so wonderful. There's no snow here, but it is cold. Poor Bailey has so much energy and no where to let it all out! I can't wait until spring where we can play outside.

We miss you so much!
Love ya!