Friday, January 2, 2009

9 things to do in 2009:

1. Ski/Snowboard in Montana
2. Finish ordering all of our wedding pictures
3. Ride the ferris wheel at Navy Pier
4. Play one game of chess together (I have to learn how to play first)
5. Have homemade pizza night
6. Go to a Cubs baseball game
7. Read Pride & Prejudice
8. Grow herbs
9. Find/Make/Buy a shelf for our bathroom

Doug's other ideas that did not make the list:
1. Sing 'Rockin Robin' as a duet in church
2. Race in a NASCAR race
3. Get matching hair-cuts
4. Meet Ashton Kutcher
5. Learn how to do cornrows in people's hair

1 comment:

jasonandchrista said...

Hey you forgot a couple things... let me go ahead and just add a few things for ya.
1. visit Tulsa 5 times
2. make more peppermint bark for Christa
3. give Bailey & Caden a cousin

There you go! No need to thank me, I'm just looking out for you! :)