Friday, December 12, 2008

This Past Week We:

1. Spent time with my father, again. He came to propose his PhD dissertation. He did great and he is now officially a PhD candidate. Next big step is to defend his dissertation.
2. Got snowed on.
3. Sat in traffic.
4. Went Christmas shopping at Macy's.
5. Watched two little boys run around our small apartment for two hours. The six year old very politely told me that when he eats chocolate it makes him poop.
6. We watched Fred Claus.
7. Doug made a really yummy dinner.
8. Finally got our package from Amazon.
9. Had a Whole Foods dinner date.
10. Watched OU beat Mizzou.

1 comment:

Mom Keena said...

1. Thanks for keeping an eye on Dad.
2. Me, too! But I have to shovel!
3. No such thing here.
4. Christmas shopping at Staples.
5. Cleaned up Duke's poop after he ate the trash.
6. Watched Tootsie with Emily.
7. Had a yummy staff dinner.
8. Got my package from Trish.
9. Had a couch/TV date.
10. Watched Martha Stewart beat some eggs.