Monday, November 24, 2008

Oklahoma Trip

Doug and I made a little trip down to Oklahoma not too long ago. We had a wonderful time seeing some family and attending one of the most beautiful weddings we have ever attended.

Sadly, I left our camera in IL. The only photos I have to show for our time were taken by others. We had a good, fast visit with these kids. Emily and I painted dinosaurs together, we played a game of tennis with foil and glass cups as a net, and we watched funny videos together. And we took this really excellent photo together.

And, we spent a little bit of time with these two cuties. And we left not wanting our own cuties for a while. We sure do love the whole Aunt and Uncle thing:

Saturday we attended the wedding of our dear friends, Eric and Ashley. We got to see so many fun friends. It was a wonderful, low-key reception where we got to just talk and talk with some many people that we love and miss dearly. It was a beautiful night.

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