Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Past Week We:

1. Cheered on the Rays to the victory.
2. Volunteered at a fund raising banquet.

3. Bought a 17th century map to hang on the wall.
4. Baked cranberry orange muffins.
5. One of us fell down the stairs, and is now trying to recover.
6. One of us made a lot of coffee drinks in exchange for a pay check.
7. Had a talk about the importance of moisturizer and the need to wash our hands a lot this cold and flu season.
8. Made this and immediately wished I had made more.
9. Bought two Christmas presents.
10. Sent a birthday gift to adorable niece, Bailey:


Katie said...

I like to imagine Doug sitting you down telling you about germs and how you can stay healthy by washing your hands. This from Mr. Mono! Hah.

Also, that chicken recipe looks yummy.

Gary said...

Tag, you're also it. See my blog for 10-24