Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten Things

1. Doug is now working at Starbucks.
2. Sister, Jeanette is a homeowner now.
3. If you search for Doug Castle vs. The Weather on ITunes, you will find some music that is really good.
4. Almost ever night Doug comes and walks me home from work and almost every night we stop and laugh at the chipmunks.
5. Baking is becoming one of my favorite past times.
6. Doug is liking that past time a lot.
7. He is still not back up to his original weight before Mr.Mono came for a visit.
8. Fall is here.
9. Sister, Christa is going to have the baby really soon. Which means, I will be in Tulsa very soon. Which means, I am very excited.
10. I am ready for it to be 5:00 pm.


Anonymous said...

We love reading your blog... so much so that we have dedicated the weekends to watching our inbox to see if the RSS feed will bless us with another dose of Doug and D-Nae. Much love to you guys. We're thinking about you. Get Skype so we can talk!

Jon and Emily

Katie said...

What have you been baking?

I made banana bread last weekend. It was very declicious.

Smits Family said...

Christa is pregnant again?!

Justin Metcalfe said...

all your talk about salsa making inspired me to make a go at it myself.

Molly said...

Baking! Danae! Way to go! :)

And I'll have to check out the music today....

If you want a ride back to Arkansas for homecoming (Oct. 10ish) let me know- 3 of us are going and we have 2 spots open! :)