Thursday, September 18, 2008

QB and Cancer Free

Well, little brother David is cancer free. Praise the Lord.

I talked to him after his surgery and all he really told me was that he is the quarterback for his football team. And he wanted to know about the bears and he asked how Devin Hester is doing this season. He did not really want to talk about the hospital, iv's, and the surgery.Which is completely understandable. Because I would not want to talk about those things either. Instead I would want to talk about all the Gilmore Girls I was watching while recovering and about how many games of Tetris I had gotten to play.

There are a lot of things that we miss about having the family here. I think for Doug, he is really misses having someone he can go outside and actually play with. I tried to fill the void the other night and we went out to play catch with the football. I lasted about 15 throws and then my arm hurt. Then Doug would want to throw really far and hard and my hands would sting. I tired my hardest, but we really need David back here so Doug can throw the ball with someone other than a big wimp.