Thursday, September 4, 2008

home home home.

Doug and I love being at home. The other day Doug told one of his friends that he was going home. His friend asked what he was going to do. Doug told him that he was just going to be at home.

There are many weeks when our car stays parked in the same parking spot for the entire week. Then when the weekend rolls around we go to the grocery store, the farmers market, and church. Then we go back home and stay where we like to be best.

Monday was Labor Day and I think we both felt some pressure to go do something. Not necessarily because we wanted to, but because it was a holiday and that is what you do. So, we set out to go to the beach. We drove 20 minutes, could not find a parking spot, did not have cash to pay for the beach fees, and we both looked at each other wishing we had just stayed at home.

Since we were out we decided to stop at a coffee shop. So, we sat in Highland Park and drank tea and coffee and read.

And we took these pictures:

And then we went back home.


Mom Keena said...

I like this post. You probably love being home so much because a)you were always the first of mine to want to go ANYWHERE with me as a kid and you're probably tired of all the running around, and b)you have a great red couch!

Katie said...

Elliott and I feel the same way right now. And it is funny too, becuase I was never this way when I lived at home. But now it is home! And it is our home!

Molly said...

Oh, you should've called me that day! I was at the beach too! (And could've helped you find parking)

I know the feeling about wanting to stay at home. I don't even have a significant other and enjoy being at my house a lot....:)

I'm sorry I haven't been out to Deerfield again yet. Soon!