Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten Things

1. Doug is now working at Starbucks.
2. Sister, Jeanette is a homeowner now.
3. If you search for Doug Castle vs. The Weather on ITunes, you will find some music that is really good.
4. Almost ever night Doug comes and walks me home from work and almost every night we stop and laugh at the chipmunks.
5. Baking is becoming one of my favorite past times.
6. Doug is liking that past time a lot.
7. He is still not back up to his original weight before Mr.Mono came for a visit.
8. Fall is here.
9. Sister, Christa is going to have the baby really soon. Which means, I will be in Tulsa very soon. Which means, I am very excited.
10. I am ready for it to be 5:00 pm.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

QB and Cancer Free

Well, little brother David is cancer free. Praise the Lord.

I talked to him after his surgery and all he really told me was that he is the quarterback for his football team. And he wanted to know about the bears and he asked how Devin Hester is doing this season. He did not really want to talk about the hospital, iv's, and the surgery.Which is completely understandable. Because I would not want to talk about those things either. Instead I would want to talk about all the Gilmore Girls I was watching while recovering and about how many games of Tetris I had gotten to play.

There are a lot of things that we miss about having the family here. I think for Doug, he is really misses having someone he can go outside and actually play with. I tried to fill the void the other night and we went out to play catch with the football. I lasted about 15 throws and then my arm hurt. Then Doug would want to throw really far and hard and my hands would sting. I tired my hardest, but we really need David back here so Doug can throw the ball with someone other than a big wimp.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

post surgery

we will find out next week if the tumor is cancerous. the doctor thinks it is unlikely. so that is good news.

in the mean time, just look at how great this little guy looks in his football gear.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Brother David

Little brother, Dave, is having surgery tomorrow morning. He is having a tumor removed. We will know if it is cancerous after the surgery. We are praying that it is not.

And here is my favorite picture of the summer:
which includes both David and Grace.

These two are both rockin middle school now a days.
That is just too crazy.
We miss them dearly.
Wish we could be there tomorrow. We will send our love our prayers from across the country.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

home home home.

Doug and I love being at home. The other day Doug told one of his friends that he was going home. His friend asked what he was going to do. Doug told him that he was just going to be at home.

There are many weeks when our car stays parked in the same parking spot for the entire week. Then when the weekend rolls around we go to the grocery store, the farmers market, and church. Then we go back home and stay where we like to be best.

Monday was Labor Day and I think we both felt some pressure to go do something. Not necessarily because we wanted to, but because it was a holiday and that is what you do. So, we set out to go to the beach. We drove 20 minutes, could not find a parking spot, did not have cash to pay for the beach fees, and we both looked at each other wishing we had just stayed at home.

Since we were out we decided to stop at a coffee shop. So, we sat in Highland Park and drank tea and coffee and read.

And we took these pictures:

And then we went back home.