Sunday, August 3, 2008

"I am 98.5% percent sure it is mono"

Last night Doug and I made our first trip to an emergency room.
The sickness would just not leave Doug's poor body and the medicine doctor number 1 prescribed did not even put a dent on the pain and misery.
As the doctor asked questions and felt around his body he was sure it was mono.
After blood work and lots of questions with three health care professionals, it was determined it is indeed mono.

We left the hospital with a prescription for some Vicodin for the throat pain, instructions to rest, and relief to just know what is going on in his body.

I asked Doug if he wanted me to take a picture of him laying in the hospital bed with the fashionable gown on and the band around his wrist and for some reason he said no. So we do not have any visual proof of our experience last night.

But if you want a visual you can type in "mono throat" in google and look at images if you want to get really sick to your stomach and if you want to see what my poor husband has been living with.


Mom Keena said...

Blch! Mono stinks! Hope he's feeling better today! Mwah!

Trish said... I feel bad about the menopause comment. Get better soon!