Saturday, July 26, 2008

Self Diagnosis

Hello Blog Friends. It has been a long time since I have done the blog thing (because Danae does such a great job of keeping our faithful readers informed) but today I have decided to use this post to organize my thoughts about the possible causes of the illness that I have been blessed with this week.

- A fever that averages between 99.5 and 101.0
- A headache right behind the eyes
- Night sweats (these are new...past two nights)
- Sore throat (also new.. just started yesterday)

Possible causes:
- Perhaps the headache is a result of quitting caffeine. But that doesn't seem to explain the fever, unless my body has such a big crush on coffee that it is revolting by heating up. The only problem there is explaining away the problems of mind-body dualism and defending a thesis that would support an independent consciousness in my body. Crazy? Maybe. But for now let's explore other options.
- Oh what about the tooth in my mouth that has a large hole in it? Perhaps that little jewel is infected and making its case to be immediately relieved from all duties as a key part of my digestive system. BUT. Said tooth doesn't really cause any pain itself and seems to be hanging in there pretty well. Which is nice but also means the poor little guy doesn't know that in a few weeks he is being let go.
- Option three is a stretch, but it seems possible that I may have a Greek infection. Having spent an average of 5 hours a day with this friend, why wouldn't it be causing my symptoms? The only problem is that other students exposed to koine bacteria have not suffered from sickness, or have other symptoms like scorched retinas and trouble breathing.
- Maybe I'm being poisoned. Unlikely though because who does that? Really.

Doctors professional opinion- "Should go away on its own." Thanks Doc.

Meanwhile I will continue waking up in a pool of sweat (literally) and avoid moving my eyes too much.

I am open to suggestions on what you think is causing these symptoms. Thanks for stopping by!

-Douglas E. Castle

P.S. Danae is good. Isn't she cute?


Gary said...

It's the Greek...17 years after taking it, I still get ticks in my neck. 17 years after taking it, I still get ticks in my neck, 17 years after taking it, I still get ticks in my neck. Other than that, nothing wrong with me.
Uncle Gary

Mom Keena said...

I think it's poison. It's an old family secret of ours, that we women like to slip a little something special in our husband's food when we are feeling ornery! Especially be careful of any jello offerings!

Trish said...

Maybe it's male menopause? Better get going on those Keena grandkids!

Molly said...

Oh my. I think the laser from you've been shooting at the mirror from the TV to the one in your bedroom is causing all of this. The headache between the eyes? Of course!