Thursday, July 31, 2008

marriage 08'

two of our most favorite people in the whole world are going to get married.
to each other.
they are our favorite double date couple.
we like to eat at steak and shake together.
we have a girl side of the table and a boy side of the table.
we also like to eat ice-cream together.
and we play games together.
and we have couple night.
and we always have good conversations.
and we touch each other's legs.
and we take pictures together.

we are excited because they are going to have a really great marriage.
and we are going to be married in the same year.
and they are one of those couples that fill your heart with love and joy and happiness.

in, fact i might have shed like one or two tears when i was talking to them:

congratulations eric and ashley:


Justin Metcalfe said...

My beloved friends,
Chicago is calling out my name. Perhaps I should succumb to its cries and finally journey towards the promise land. Have you found me any hotties yet?

Ashley said...

I cannot believe you wrote that comment on a blog about MY marriage. Sheesh.

Doug and Danae,
We love you and miss you. We are so blessed to have you as friends. I really want to come to Chicago for a little visit. Even if Justin is there.