Monday, June 30, 2008

50 Day Honeymoon

Thanks to job searching, classes not starting until July, and grandparents and various other individuals that graciously gave money we have been on our honeymoon for the past 50 days.

In the last 50 days we have:
- set up our apartment
- cooked meals together
- got a new drivers license
- changed a flat tire on the side of the road
- vacationed in colcord, ok for a while
- attended a wedding of a dear friend
- found a job
- bought school books
- watched too much television
- slept in almost every day
- took naps
- talked about how great it is stay at home together for so many days

this will change tomorrow as i lug myself out of bed and scrabble to assemble a decent looking 'i-am-now-in-the-work-force outfit' and make my way to my first full-time job.

good thing my dear mother is the one training me.
and good thing doug still has one week before his class starts so he can make dinner every night.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

This Week We:

1. Spent lots of time together
2. Visited the social security office. I am now known by the social security administration as Danae Castle. No longer Danae Keena.
3. Attended the most exciting Little League baseball game. Our team lost in the fourth extra inning.
4. Spent lots of time together
5. Watched Atonement
6. Baked some chicken
7. Sweated off 2 pounds, thanks to the lack of air conditioning in our apartment.
8. Slept much better the next night, thanks to mom and dad for loaning us their air conditioning machine.
9. Ate dough nuts at Deerfields Bakery
10. Spent lots of time together
11. I interviewed for a job.
12. Organized some closets
13. Took this picture together: