Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome to the beginning of something spectacular.

Danae and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading about all of our zany adventures, and our many profound thoughts. This is an exciting time for us since I was recently accepted to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and I hope to start the Master of Divinity program in the fall. Of course this means that we will most likely be moving to Deerfield, IL and of course that means that the next time we experience winter....we will really experience winter.
Before we get ahead of ourselves however we have to graduate from our current programs of study. For me this means testing out of Spanish at an intermediate level and that may be slightly difficult (deficil- that might be the Spanish word for difficult). I suppose I also have to pass my other classes as well, and I don't know how they do things over there at JBU but I believe Danae has to pass classes as well to graduate. So if we can do that we will be in good shape, academically anyways; we don't actually do much working out.
Whether we graduate or not we are getting married in May and that is pretty exciting. Plans are going well and Danae is a pretty rocking fiance, and by that I mean that she often literally rocks back and forth in some sort of a trance murmuring things about the wedding. Only kidding. At any rate as you can probably tell by my lame jokes it is late and I must say "goodbye."

Thanks for stopping by. I love you dearly, and Danae does too.
Douglas E. Castle


Anonymous said...

I love you guys so much. Glad that we no longer have an awkward
post-4th grade relationship.

ErinLee said...

fwell i am glad to see that you guys have one of these!! this way when ya'll move accross the universe i can still know what is going on in your beautiful lives!!

love ya'll


Justin Metcalfe said...

when are you guys getting married again? september?