Tuesday, October 18, 2016

One Month:

9 pounds 10 ounces and 21 3/4 inches

You love: baths, being held non-stop, rocking and bouncing
You don't love: being put down, riding in the car if you are not sleeping, falling asleep on your own, your paci

You have also started to flash us quick smiles and coo when we talk to you. You have survived a whole month of handshakes from Jack and being held by Henry even when you are fussy. You are so so loved little one!

First Time All Together:

With the help of Brad the photographer and Grace the photo editor, we have these beautiful pictures from the hospital. We were so excited to all be together as a family of five for the first time and I am forever thankful to have these pictures from our special morning.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

First Two Weeks:

- Adeline was welcomed home to a beautifully decorated home with pink balloon, banners, streamers, and a handmade sign that the boys and Aunt Emily worked long and hard on. I have a feeling it is going to be difficult to take them down. For now, they are all staying put.

- Gram and Papa were here for over a week to help our family! It was truly such a rich time and such a blessing to have them here. With their extra hands to help, I was able to really rest and recover. Doug was freed up to still do a little bit of work and we even had several mornings where it was just Doug and I and Adeline. We ate ice-cream together each evening, watched all of I'll Have What Phil's Having and many football games, Papa went to his first Oklahoma football game with Doug and Henry, we had yummy meals prepared for us, and Gram even ironed all of Doug's work shirts! It was just so wonderful having them here!

- Our first night home together, Adeline was rather fussy throughout the night. Doug and I were taking turns trying to keep her happy, but finally around 1:30 am we gave in and Doug turned on our lamp and the three of us just laid in bed and just talked and looked at our baby girl. She was so wide awake and just wanted to be held. It was such a sweet and special time with our last little baby. We talked about how our perspective is so different now that this is our third go around at this whole babies growing up so fast thing. I am so thankful for this perspective and for the growth we have experienced as parents.

- Doug has said that every time he gets ready to leave the house, someone is crying. And that is a fair assessment. There are lots of emotions, feelings, and toddler fits flowing in the house. Part of the issue has been the colds that Henry and Jack have been fighting for nearly the entire time we have been home with Adeline. But I think we have finally turned a corner!

- I realized that I only put my shoes on one time in the entire first week of Adeline's life. I barely even went outside! Like my eyes burned a bit and had to adjust to the sunlight once I did have to go outside to take the boys to school. I didn't mind being holed up in the house. Especially with my baby girl.

- We have had such kind and gracious people bringing us meals. Our hearts and bellies are forever grateful.

- The boys have really just done so well loving Adeline. They constantly want to hold her, bring diapers, sing her songs when she is crying, fight over who gets to sit by her at dinner, and constantly check on her. They are proud big brothers for sure.

- It has been such a sweet time in our marriage as well. Doug has loved us all so well and has been incredibly patient with all of our fragile emotions. We have also enjoyed the slower pace of his work schedule the past two weeks as we have adjusted to life as a family of five. Our mornings together have been full of rich and funny conversations. So much laughter together. His care for me as been so deep. He even woke up every time Adeline did the first week and got her out of her bed and helped me up so I could feed her and not hurt my back from leaning over her bed. We are all so blessed by him.

Friday, September 23, 2016

40 Weeks, Delivery, and our Baby GIRL:

Our sweet baby girl joined our family on September 9th at 5:21 pm. Her labor and delivery was the most smooth, shortest, and most intimate delivery I have had. There were so many happy tears once we heard the news that we had a sweet girl. The boys came up to meet her the next morning and it was truly one of the best moments in my life. Henry was so so proud and excited and tenderly held her and talked to her and asked questions for a long time. Jack immediately asked to hold her and was very gentle and kind. Our hearts are so full! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

39 Weeks:

- I pulled the whole family into this bump photo. It might be my last bump photo, so I figured our whole family should be involved.

- I had a major break down this week. Scared Doug half to death. I was feeling hot, tired, and my clothes don't fit anymore. So I went to bed. Once I laid down I just started weeping. Doug walked in and immediately was concerned something was majorly wrong. I am sure he was very relieved to hear that the main issue is that I am just so ready to meet our baby. Thankfully that will be solved very soon.

- We went on a hike up Turkey Mountain. It felt good to be outside and the weather was turning hot just as we were finishing the hike. We had lunch at Chipotle on the way home and it just really felt like the perfect morning.

- I have done lots of walking, bouncing on the birth ball, and lots of praying and waiting.

- I have been having lots of contractions. One evening they were even coming every five minutes for about 2 hours. As soon as I stood up and walked around they stopped. This is where the last few weeks/days of pregnancy are not only physically so taxing but also mentally.

- We could call this week, The Swelling Week. My toes and fingers. And I finally just took off my rings because they were so tight. I hope they are back in their proper place very very soon!

- I have also felt smaller this pregnancy until this week. Now I just feel huge.

- I am a bit obsessed reading labor stories and googling odd things like "is swelling a sign of labor?" and "are you more likely to go into labor at night or during the day?".

- We are so so so ready to meet this little one!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

38 weeks:

- I pretty much just wear loose clothes as much as possible at this point. And I hope this is not TMI, but most days, Doug comes home to find me making dinner in my shorts and sports bra. Big belly just hanging out there. He told me the other day that he really is going to miss coming home to see me like that. And the wonderful thing is he means it and he tells me and it makes me feel like I am maybe not just a freak of nature at the moment. 

- I had a meeting this week at work and all the ladies were so kind and said all the right things to me. I did think that it would be pretty crazy to go into labor in a room full of women. Pretty sure everyone would just explode in excitement. 

- We had two different times of sweet prayers for our upcoming delivery and baby! Sunday morning our group circled up around us and prayed and then that evening my girls dinner group said some sweet prayers for us. It really does make such a huge difference having the support of so many wonderful beautiful people. 

- When we went to the doctor this week, Jack walked right on in and just bellowed out "Good morning, Dr.Cox!" He smiled and said good morning back and the nurses all laughed. It was so sweet. As much as he has seen Dr.Cox in his short little life, Jack probably thinks he is a family member. 

- We have been counting down the days until the due date with a paper chain that the boys and I made together. I am hoping this might give them some idea that we really will be having a baby come live in our house. And so sooon at that! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

37 Weeks:

We had another ultrasound this week because my fluid levels were looking a little low. Thankfully, again, all looks just fine and we got another sweet look at little one. The ultrasound tech was so excited because she got a good look at baby's ear and she said that is not very common.

I am feeling all the feelings still of being super pregnant. Both physically and emotionally. Physically, I have lots of contractions throughout the day and I feel this baby in my hips much more than I remember feeling with the boys. Walking is much more of a task this time around. Lots of leg, back, and feet aches. And my rib is still so tender and sore.  Emotionally, feelings of "this baby will never be here" to "oh my goodness baby will be here before we know it!" in a matter of seconds. And the constant thought of "what is my action plan if I go into labor now." or "what will I do if my water breaks here" etc.

Doug made the comment that this is the "move-iest" baby we have had. He was sitting across the room and he could see the ripples of my stomach as baby moved all around.

I had a super vivid dream this week that it is a girl. Doug is still thinking boy. And I am thinking girl but I always have thought girl and we have boys so then I come back around to thinking it is a boy. My mental processes are real fun these days.

Speaking of mental processes, Henry got a black eye from wrestling around with Jack this week and my first thought was "this baby can't come until his eye is healed! I don't want pictures of him meeting the baby with a black eye". My mind is a real treat I tell you.

Had a good pregnant cry this week and Henry walked in the room and noticed. As he left the room he asked Doug "What is Mom fussing about?" Doug and I both immediately started laughing and it immediately made me feel so much better.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

36 Weeks:

We had the growth check this week to see how little one is growing. Everything is looking great! And baby already weighs over 6 pounds. It is always such a treat getting to see precious baby. This time we got a really good look at the face and could even see the eyes blinking. It is always so amazing. I think baby looks like Jack! But we will see, in only a few short weeks.

Doug got to feel some really good baby movements the other night. Baby had his/her foot sticking straight out and you could see it through my belly. Again, so amazing. And it never gets old.

I am at the point where I get asked about a million times how I am feeling. I am thankful that I can still say that I still generally feel pretty good. Sure it hurts to walk, my rib is still painful, and I can't get up and down with ease. But really, overall not too bad and I know so many other ladies have it so much worse at this point in pregnancy.

I do have to do a three point turn to turn over in bed at night. I am sure Doug is looking forward to a sharing a bed with someone that does not cause quite as much bed movement in the night.

I am feeling like this baby will come early, but I also think literally every single pregnant lady thinks that. So I am not giving those thoughts too much weight. But I have packed bags just in case.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Belly Pictures:

Doug is a champ and agreed to snap some pictures of the boys with "the bump". Forced photos are not really our strength in our family but I was so pleased to have one where both boys are looking and have smiles on their faces. It really is crazy to think that this is my last pregnancy and last big belly. I have loved walking through this pregnancy with these two sweet boys by my side and their faithful father.

35 Weeks:

We went to the doctor this week and he said I am measuring small so we will do a growth check next week. I am not quite sure how this large belly of mine could be considered "small" in any way. We are hoping and praying that all is just fine. I have also already to start progressing a little! So crazy.

Doug and I went up to the hospital to preregister this week. We parked super far away by accident and got lost trying to leave the hospital to find our car. If for no other reason than knowing where we are parking and going, I am so glad we had a chance to go up to the hospital pre-labor. But it is also nice to have papers signed and questions answered.

The boys are just the very sweetest. I hope I have communicated that well. Henry is constantly checking on me, giving me foot rubs, and asking how big the baby is now. Jack pats my belly throughout the day, asks when the baby will be here to ride in the car with him, and talks to the baby. It is so sweet and exciting for everyone.

Nesting is one of my top three favorite things about being pregnant. It is in full swing around here but I am realizing I have to take more breaks and rest more than I remember with the boys. Every closet, cabinet, drawer, and shelf has been touched. Doug was even a champ this weekend and helped organize our entire garage.